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Pictus 2020

IGT Rosso Toscana

Expression of cabernet and sangiovese in the Chianti Classico lands. Long-lived, vibrant and harmonious in the mouth. The perfect wine for your most complex recipes.


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Naming: Supertuscan igt Tuscan red Production area: Castellina in Chianti Altitude: 450 meters Type of soil: with medium consistency, rich in substrata, for the most part marl Exposure: south Vines: 50% Sangiovese 50% Cabernet Sauvignon Density: 5000 vines / hectare Method of cultivation: cord Harvest period: early October Grape yield per hectare: 60 quintals Description: A vineyard of approximately 1 ha of Cabernet Sauvignon with a yield of 60 quintals of grapes produces around 6000 bottles of Pictus. Two vines undoubtedly with superb properties of adaptation to many terroirs, considered by many persons of our territory a complement of the Sangiovese in the Chianti Classico. For us, defined as integralists, it is different. The Sangiovese in our wines must be in purity as these two vines, being together in the vineyard, must “live together” in the bottle. The vineyard is located at approximately 400 meters above sea level, with a medium-textured very rocky soil that is South-East facing. It is generally harvested in late October when the Cabernet is fully ripe and over matured. Picking two varieties together in the same grape harvest process, despite there being two different ripening periods, generally in the one month, allows us to achieve a wide bouquet. Cabernet Sauvignon produces more austere and elegant notes which give the wine superior development over time, therefore with an optimal propensity to aging. maceration and fermentation takes place in stainless steel vats after which the wine is aged for 12 months in first- and second-stage french oak barriques. Bottle aging is 6 months.Pictus has the fragrance of a large red mature fruit reminiscent of plums and cherries and more acid tones similar to currants and blueberries, a sign of the Cabernet. A taste with a high tannic structure and full roundness and vibrant acidity that gives freshness to the wine, soft and typical of wine, spicy and sweet notes, the result of barrel aging. nature is in the aging, from the fourth to the seventh year it will reach its height of elegance then the tertiary aromas will make every single bottle unique, transforming it into a small experience of meditation. It is advisable to open the bottle at least 1 hour before being consumed at round 16 ° C. Optimal if combined with stewed meat and game. Bottles produced: N ° 6,000 Serving temperature: 16-18 ° C

"The Three Classics"

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In a splendid package also suitable to be given as a gift, it is composed of Cellese Riserva, Cellese SorBruno, Cellese Chianti Classico. In addition, two Cellese branded wine glasses and a corkscrew.
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