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Albino 2023

IGT Bianco Toscana da Uve Sangiovese 100%

Sangiovese in white version. Fun in the glass. Good acidity, white fruit, minerality. Suitable for aperitifs but also meals.



Production area: Castellina in Chianti Altitude: 450 meters Type of soil: medium-textured, rich in skeleton mainly marl Vines : Sangiovese 100% Harvest time: first week of September Grape yield per hectare: 60 quintals Description: It is not a rosé and maybe not even a white, then what is it? It is certainly a rare wine of its kind because it comes from a red and is grown from white. From red grapes you can get an almost rosé wine by harvesting the Sangiovese early or in the first days of September in the areas of the vineyards facing south by making a first harvest, gathering the grapes that have already reached a good sugar concentration. The manual harvest is done in boxes where we place only a few kg of grapes in order not to break the berries and to ensure that the pulp will not stain the color of the skins. A light squeezing follows and thus we obtain a white must. In fact, the Sangiovese grapes in early September will not yet be fully ripe for the coloring substances of the skins in fact they will not be easily extractable and therefore will hardly be able to color the juice red. The juice ferments for about 1 month at a low temperature to preserve all the aromas of fermentation and then matures on the lees for another 4 months. Its scent has both the character of white in recalling the white flowers of the field and the plants of the Mediterranean scrub, and the character of a young red in reminiscent of currant. The good acidity in the taste will allow it to age up to two and three years, always maintaining its aromaticity, after which it will reveal the origin of the soils where it was born, bringing out greater minerality and fatness. To be drunk fresh at around 11 * C and uncorked at least 30 minutes before during the first year of the bottle and at least 1 hour before in the following years because even if white still contains a red soul. Combine it with white meat, important fish, crustaceans, certainly aged cheeses, excellent in aperitifs. Bottles produced: N ° 1,500 Serving temperature: coppery color with aromas of strawberry and currant, the taste is salty, fresh and clumpy. To be served at a temperature of 8/12 ° C as an aperitif, with fish dishes, excellent with cruditè.

"The Three Classics"

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